~G E N T L E M E N~

Haircut 36, -€

 (washing / cutting / blow-drying incl. head massage and styling)


Classic Haircut 32,-€

(without washing only cutting)


Beardtrim 29,-€

(Shave with foam and razor,hot and cold towel,Finish Powder and Beard Care )


 Supreme Beardtrim 39,-€

(shave with foam and razor,eletric massage for face and body,hot and cold towel,beard care and finish powder,Nose Wax )




Haircut&Beardtrim 55,-€

(hot and cold towel foam shave with razor,beard care)


Supreme Haircut&Beardtrim 65,-€

(hot and cold towel  foam shave with razor and electronic massage for face and body,beard care and finish powder,Nose Wax)


OldSchool Shave 50,-€

 (shave with foam and razor, face preparation and post-treatment, electric massage for face and body, beard care and finish powder)



 Hot Nose Wax 9,-€

Hot Nose & ears Wax 13,-€




Gentlemen ALL IN 96,-€

(wet haircut with hot&cold towel for head,Oldschool-Shave,electric massage for head/face and body,ca.90min)


$Groom Special$ 186,-€

 (wet haircut,Manicure,facial cleansing,traditional shaving completely shaving or with beard cut ca.120min)



~Boys Cut~



from 0 to 5 years 


(Dry Cut)



from 6 to 10 years 


(Dry Cut)


Alle Preise incl. MwSt.

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